Womens cap presentation - New chapter in BCC history


A new chapter in the BCC history book began on Friday, Dec 10th with the club bestowing a time-honoured tradition onto our Womens Firsts team.

The Bentleigh Cricket Club has a decades old tradition of its Mens First XI team players being awarded a “Baggy Blue” - and for the first time in the club’s history, they have decided to honour their Womens Firsts team players with baggy blues as well.

During a heartfelt presentation at the club, our Womens Firsts players were briefed on the history and tradition of the Baggy Blue by guest speakers Paul Keelan-Glew, Russell Keyt and Jon Raju, while President David McNamara introduced the first four numbered caps honouring all BCC women players and families that have built the foundations of BCC Womens team, starting right back to the 80s and 90s with the Keyt and Kemp families, through to the current era with the Robinson family.

What an honour and a credit to a club working hard to create pathways for women and girls and an inclusive club environment for all.

Womens Baggy Blue caps presented on Friday Dec 10th, 2021:

1 Reserved - All Bentleigh CC women players
2 Keyt Family
3 Robinson Family
4 Kemp Family
5 Trish Jeffery
6 Sarah Mullane
7 Caitlin Sexton
8 Louise Adams
9 Shreenu Bhaskar
10 Kim Kennedy
11 Carol Handtke
12 Bron Parry
13 Reeyce Mactier
14 Kellie Runciman
15 Caz Ellul
16 Kristie McNamara