2019/2020 Junior Awards

TrophyIt is unfortunate that the 2019/20 junior presentation could not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to a time (hopefully soon!) where we can all celebrate the achievements of individuals and teams together.

A special thank-you to all the coaches that gave up their time to lead a team of younger players. Thanks also to all Team Managers and parents.

Although not individually listed here, all girls, Rookies, U12, and importantly - coaches, will receive a participation medallion.

All trophies, medallions, certificates (as appropriate), and team photos will be available from the club once room access is granted.

Congratulations to all players receiving awards this year.


Team/Age group Batting Bowling Fielding Most Improved Coaches Award Best Finals Player
13 & Under Girls Ishita Tiwari Riva Guliya Amaya Chapman Cullan Barnacle
& Charlie Marshall
Catrin Robinson
Rookies Blue Lachlan Soderlund Heath Livingston Samuel Dimopoulos Timateus Khamu Ewan MacLennan
Rookies Red Kobe Favier Daniel McNamara Beau Green Oliver McKay Jack Wein
U12 A Ryan Bondesan Blake Livingston Leo Glenane Joshua Heenan Peter O'Malley
U12 B Max Wigney Fraser Stewart Eamon Tesoriero Mitchell Powell Spencer Saarinsen Spencer Saarinsen
U12 C Daniel Dzuria Darcy Osborne Xavier Gerdan Ettore Michielli Nicholas Critchley
U14 B Jack Chamberlain Luke McGinness William Blitz Oscar Yeaman Harrison Barnes Lucas Tesoriero
U14 C Shuban Balamurugan Henry Walsh Mark Serebro Jack Susic Charlie Grainger
U16 B Leo Kotsandis Lachlan Meister James Hunt Joshua Stein Dylan Foot
U18 Max Miller Jake La'Brooy Tom Smart Nicholas Carter Alan Abraham

Certificates of Merit - Half-Centuries

Name Team Runs Date Ground
William Blitz U14B 50 Not out 6 Dec 2019 Victory Park
Jack Chamberlain U14B 53 Not out 13 Dec 2019 Lindsay Hassett Oval
Lucas Tesoriero U14B 52 Not out 15 Nov 2019 Elsternwick Park
Lucas Tesoriero U14B 51 Not out 21 Feb 2020 King George Res
Leo Kotsandis U16B 50 Not out 15 Nov 2019 Victory Park
Lachlan Meister U16B 50 Not out 15 Nov 2019 Victory Park
Alan Abraham U18 50 Not out 14 Oct 2019 RG Chisholm Res
Alan Abraham U18 52 Not out 4 Dec 2019 Duncan Mackinnon Res
Max Miller U18 50 Not out 13 Nov 2019 Bonbeach Res

Junior Team of the Year 2019/2020

The Junior Team of the Year was created in season 2012/13. Selection in the team acknowledges performance by junior players, across multiple age groups, in the applicable season. Inclusion is based on several factors:

The team captain is generally selected from one of the older players, and vice-captain is selected from the year below the Captain. Like all other years, this year has been a very difficult selection process as there were so many great candidates.

Special Mentions

The players below came VERY close, but 'just' missed out... well done.

Nicholas Critchley - U12C
Charlie Grainger - U14C
Oscar Yeaman - U14B
Lucas Tesoriero - U14B
Leo Kotsandis - U16B

Congratulations to the players below:

Name Junior Team 2019/20 Selection
Luke Mott (C) U16B All-rounder
Lachlan Meister U16B Bowling
Jack Chamberlain (VC) U14B Batting/Keeper
Luke McGinness U14B All-rounder
William Blitz U14B Batting
Henry Walsh U14C Bowling
Peter O'Malley U12A All-rounder
Blake Livingston U12A Bowling
Ryan Bondesan U12A Batting
Spencer Saarinsen U12B All-rounder
Max Wigney U12B Batting
Darcy Osborne U12C Bowling

2019/2020 Junior Club Champion

The Junior Club Champion (Roy Krygger trophy) is awarded at the end of the season to the junior player with the most points earned throughout the home and away season. Players earn points when they bat, bowl and field.

2019/2020 Junior Club Champion trophy top 10...

Number Name Team Points
10 Harrison Barnes U14B 199
9 Lucas Tesoriero U14B 200
8 Ryan Bondesan U12B 208
7 Jake La'Brooy U18 210
6 Max Wigney U12B 230
5 Luke Mott U16B 235
4 Leo Glenane U12A 236
4 Mitchell Powell U12B 236
3 Luke McGinness U14B 254
2 Peter O'Malley U12A 273

Junior Club Champion Trophy

The winner, with 291 points is ...SPENCER SAARINSEN, U12B

Congratulations Spencer!

To top off a great year Spencer was a team member of the flag winning U12B's, also winning the SECA Player of the Grand Final medal.