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The Bentleigh Cricket Club has a long and distinguished reputation within the cricket community in Victoria. The ongoing benefits of sport for the individual and community are well documented. As an active participant in the community, the Bentleigh Cricket Club has made a leadership decision to extend the positive benefits of sport for the youth in this area and established the Bentleigh Cricket Academy in 2011.

The Academy is a joint partnership between the Bentleigh Cricket Club and Woodards Bentleigh that seeks to provide a pathway for junior cricketers moving from junior to senior cricket. This is achieved by providing specialist coaching/mentoring to participants in the areas of batting, bowling, fielding, fitness, and leadership skills; while providing an insight into the game, its culture and playing philosophy.

One of the goals of the Academy is to provide young cricketers with the tools that will enable them to progress through to the 1st XI at Bentleigh, and beyond. The Academy focuses on encouraging, preparing and developing junior cricketers to pursue their goals in the sport, and  assist them to achieve their highest level possible - be that at Bentleigh, Premier League, State or International level. The primary philosophy of the Academy is to develop and enhance individual skills, and allow the player to progress according to their natural ability. In addition to technique analysis (including video analysis) a range of development methods are used to aid in player growth including mentoring and goal setting.

By providing junior players this opportunity, the Academy aims to retain young people in cricket and help them to maintain and improve their ability and skill level, affording them the opportunity to progress within the sport.

Players are selected by the Cricket Department in consultation with the Junior Coordinator and junior coaches, and are invited to take part in the Academy prior to each forthcoming season.

The Academy is proudly supported and sponsored by Woodards Bentleigh.