Junior Fielding Honours

A Junior fielding trophy (inaugurated in season 2018/19) is awarded at the end of the season to a junior player in each age group (and if appropriate, grade) to the player that is considered the best team fielder throughout the home and away season.

Notes:   * Winner unknown   ** No team in competition


Season U12/13 & Under Girls
U14 U16/U18
2020/2021 Rookies: Sat - J. Milosz
Sun - H. Benton, M. Marianne & G. Paris
C Grade - H. Livingston
B Grade - O. McKeown
13 & Under Girls - F. Syeda
B Grade (Central) - L. Burrows
B Grade (North) - W. Forstner
A Grade - A. Prokupets
U16: L. Meister
U18: T. Dixon
2019/2020 Rookies: Blue - S. Dimopoulos, Red - B. Green
C Grade - X. Gerdan
B Grade - E. Tesoriero
A Grade - L. Glenane
13 & Under Girls - A. Chapman
C Grade - M. Serebro
B Grade - W. Blitz
U16: J.Hunt
U18: T. Smart
2018/2019 Rookies: Blue - M. Comito, Red - H. Pullenayegam
C Grade Sat - J. Susic
C Grade Sun - T. Megna
B Grade - L. Glenane
C Grade - L. Tesoriero U16:
C Grade - L. Meister
B Grade - B. Tasopoulos