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Frequently Asked Questions For Season 2018 / 2019

Master Blasters online registration now closed

Registrations for the 2018/2019 Master Blasters season are now closed.

Sorry, you're too late! Our programme is extremely popular and there are no further places left. Unfortunately, registrations after 15 October cannot be accepted.

Use this link to search for a club that runs Master Blasters in your area.

How do I register my child for the Master Blasters Cricket program?

Parents must register online, and payment is required at this time.

When available, register you child for the 2018/19 season here.

How much is it?

Our Master Blasters programme cost is just $79 per child. However you will need to purchase a Master Blasters shirt for your child via the Cricket Australia online store. We are advised these shirts will cost $20 and be available from the CA online store from early September.

What if I can't register online?

Contact the co-ordinator at or on 0478 563 714 for assistance.

I can’t select my school on the registration form.

All schools should be listed on the online registration form. Please ensure that the correct school name is entered including any apostrophes.

Can I pay for my children in one transaction rather than separately?

No, each child needs to be registered individually.

Can I still register mid-way through the season?

You can register and go to the next available session. However, please contact us before completing the registration form to ensure there are enough sessions left to provide value for your child’s cricket development.

What can I expect at Master Blasters?

Master Blasters is a super fun, social, safe, cricket program for boys and girls.  The program has been developed to ensure junior cricketers can progress with confidence from Master Blasters cricket to competitive club cricket competitions.

An example of what you can expect at a Master Blasters session includes:

  • Fun warm up games and activities
  • Fun Master Blasters modified games
  • Skills Zone where your child can learn cricket based skills i.e. catching, throwing, bowling and batting

When does Master Blasters start?

The program at Bentleigh runs for 12 weeks, six sessions before Christmas and six after.  

All sessions are roughly 90 minutes and start at 6:00pm and go to 7:30pm. We will reconfirm starting times closer to the programme start.

The first session is on Friday the 2nd of November 2018 and then every Friday after this until Friday the 7th of December 2018 where we break for Christmas.

We then resume for the first session after the Christmas break on Friday the 18th of January 2019 and go through until Friday the 22nd of February 2019. 

What program should I select for my child?

The Master Blasters program is for children aged 7 to 12 who can bowl with a straight arm over 14m.

The Junior Blasters program is for children new to cricket. Generally these children are aged 5 to 7.

What should kids wear to Master Blasters Programs?

Children should wear comfortable clothing suitable for sporting activity. You should purchase a Master Blasters shirt via the Cricket Australia online store (open early September). Your child will also receive a Master Blasters cap. This item will be sent to your home address. It is advised that your child wears these items to help the coordinator of the program manage children.

Who delivers the Master Blasters sessions?

The Master Blasters program is a professionally developed cricket program. At Bentleigh, our on field co-ordinator is experienced in program delivery. All parents are encouraged to get involved in Master Blasters in the roles of Team Manager, Scorer, Umpire or Skills Zone assistant and no experience is necessary.

How long does a Master Blasters session run for?

The sessions at Bentleigh run for 90 minutes from 6:00pm until 7:30pm. We will reconfirm starting times closer to the programme start.

Can I receive a refund?

Following registration and payment for the Master Blasters program there are no refunds. The only exception to this is if your chosen Master Blasters program gets cancelled prior to the commencement date. If you have any further questions about refunds please contact the Master Blasters Helpdesk by email at

My child has never played cricket before. Will they be able to keep up with the other children?

Master Blasters is a very inclusive program that can be picked up by children who may have never played cricket before. if you believe your child has natural coordination then they will be more than capable to participate in Master Blasters.

If your child is not ready for Master Blasters they can start with Junior Blasters or if they are ready to advance from Master Blasters, we offer an excellent Junior program.

Can parents get involved?

When parents/guardians fill out the participant registration form online, they have the option to tick whether they are willing to assist on-field or off-field. You can also contact us directly to express your interest in assisting with the program.

For more information about the Master Blasters program, click here.

Why are the Master Blaster rules and equipment modified?

Master Blasters is a modified cricket program designed to be a bridging program from Junior Blasters. Master Blasters bridges the gap between Junior Blasters and weekend competitive junior cricket. It engages those children that might not be ready for club cricket. Children can continue to learn to play cricket in a fun and safe environment without the pressure of playing to win.

Can my son/daughter play Master Blasters and Rookies cricket?

Yes, as long as we consider it safe. We will consider both their age and current skill level. Be aware that Rookies cricket is played on the weekend. Rookies teams play 20/20 matches and wear whites. To play a combination of Master Blasters and Rookies you will have to register for both Master Blasters and Junior cricket (via the Rookies/Master Blasters combination registration).

Where do I go for more information?

For more information click here.