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Parent/Guardian authorisation and consent

  1. In the event of a medical incident, I hereby authorise the Team Manager or other team official to arrange medical attention as deemed appropriate.

  2. I give consent for the player to become an Associate member of the Bentleigh Cricket Club. I understand and accept that the player is bound to the club, subject to clearance provisions, and that until such clearance is gained from the club, the player is ineligible to play with any other club.

  3. I give consent for my contact details to be shared with other club members to facilitate organisation of teams, transport, and general liaison.

  4. I understand that it is Bentleigh Cricket Club policy that all families are actively involved. Only under exceptional circumstances will families be exempted from helping out at some level. Each team requires a season Team Coach, Team Manager and umpiring/scoring assistance each week. These roles are not difficult at this age/level, and a roster system will be implemented by the Team Manager or Coach.

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