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BCC Ton-Up $100 Saturday Night Draw


There are 3 levels of sponsorship - all involving a CASH prize!


Numbers are drawn at 7:30pm at the club on Saturday nights.


Make sure you get in quick, lucky numbers go quickly!!

How to purchase a number

You can sign up for a Standard Ton Up ($100) when you register for the cricket season here (seniors only).

Or purchase a number by EFT (details below).

You can sponsor as many players a you wish in order to increase your chances of winning!

To purchase a number by EFT:

For Direct deposit: BOQ with your name and TonUp in the reference area.
Acc Name: Bentleigh Cricket Club
BSB: 123610    Account Number: 22376070


You can purchase your own TON-UP number for $100.


As part of the Sponsored TON-UP, you can be a “Player Sponsor”. To sponsor a player, it will cost $150, and the sponsor will be benefited by;

  • Automatic entry into each $100 draw

  • In the event you can’t be in attendance, but the sponsored player is in attendance, he/she can claim the prize on your behalf. If this occurs, the player and sponsor share the money.

  • If the sponsor is in attendance, they win the lot.

Available for Past Players and Supporters only.

For $200 your number will be in EVERY draw and if your number comes up you WIN the Jackpot whether in attendance or NOT! You will also receive discounted member benefits on Saturdays when the 1XI or 2XI are playing at Bentleigh Reserve.

Ton Up Terms and Conditions

  • The draw will Jackpot until it is won - E.g. The total will Jackpot by $100 each week and only go off when a winner is in attendance at the Club.

  • To be considered to be 'in attendance at the Club', a Standard Ton Up Participant or a Sponsored Ton Up Participant (the sponsor or the player being sponsored) needs to be in attendance at the Club after 4pm on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening, of the weekend of that Saturday night draw.

  • A Double Ton-Up participant is exempt from this requirement and does not need to be in attendance at the Club.

  • A Committee Exec Member in attendance is in charge of the draw on the night at 7:30pm at the bar.

  • All rulings in relation to the Ton Up draw will be made by the above or a delegate.

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