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Demon Glow Party



Doors open 7:30pm

Bring out your neons / whites and get ready to party under UV Black Lights.

How does it work?

The Club rooms will be bathed in UV light that will make anything that's white and bright like clothes, glow sticks and glow paint illuminate.

Lose yourself in some DJ tunes, forget your woes (lack of cricket, ducks, getting hit for four, dropping that sitter) and turn your Glow Dial up to 10.

What should I wear?

White or fluro/neon clothes (don't go buying anything new, it could get messy) Glow sticks Glow paint for your face/bod

How do I buy tickets?

Adults (15 and over) $15 Kids (under 15) free Includes finger food Drinks available at the bar


There will be a prize for those who take it to the next level to stand out from the glow crowd!

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