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The Basics

Session Dates:

FREE COME & TRY Friday Nov 3rd

Term 4 dates: Nov 10th - Dec 15th, 2023

Term 1 dates: Jan 19th (not Jan 26th) - Feb 23rd, 2024 

Session Times:

6:00 - 7:30pm

Program Cost:

$129. Cost includes 11 Cricket Blast sessions and an equipment pack.



What is the Master Blasters program?

Master Blasters is a super fun, social, safe, cricket program for boys and girls aged 7-10.  The program has been developed to ensure junior cricketers can progress with confidence from Master Blasters cricket to competitive club cricket competitions.

The Program runs at our ground at Arthur St, Bentleigh on Friday Nights. From November 3rd for 7 weeks until 15th December. We then re-commence on Friday January 19th. All dates will be confirmed as we commence the program.

An example of what you can expect at a Master Blasters session includes:

  • Fun warm up games and activities

  • Master Blasters modified games

  • Skills Zone where your child can learn cricket-based skills i.e. catching, throwing, bowling and batting.

How do I register my child for the Master Blasters cricket program?

Register by clicking the PlayHQ button at the top of this page. Parents must register online, and payment is required at this time.


How much is the program?

The cost is $129. The cost includes 11 Cricket Blast sessions and your choice of three equipment packs.

Additional Cricket Blast merchandise can be purchased through the Blast store.


How do I get my Master Blasters participant pack?

Participant packs are sent to the address you specify at registration. If you have not received a participant pack within a week of the programme starting you should contact the Cricket Blast Helpdesk at or call 1800 CRICKET (1800 274 25 38).


Can I pay for my children in one transaction rather than separately?

No, each child needs to be registered individually.


Can I still register mid-way through the season?

Generally, you can register (if available) and go to the next available session. However, this is subject to resources and available places. Please contact us before attending sessions to ensure there are enough sessions left to provide value for your child’s cricket development.


I’ve registered for the wrong program/club, what do I do?

If you have enrolled in the incorrect program, please contact the Woolworths Cricket Blast Helpdesk via email at or call 1800 CRICKET (1800 274 25 38). At club level, we are unable to swap participants between programs.

Can parents get involved?

The Master Blast program is designed for parents to get involved and spend some quality time with their child learning the skills of cricket.  Parents involvement is a huge determinant of participant enjoyment, skill progression and achievement. The ‘Blast Crew’ has been developed to provide clarity and options for parents and volunteers to get involved.

When parents/guardians fill out the participant registration form online, they have the option to select whether they are willing to assist on-field or off-field, and we actively encourage this. You can also contact us directly to express your interest in assisting with the program.

NOTE: This year, we will be looking for more parental support with on field drills, set up and the Famous BCC BBQ!


What are the dates for the Master Blasters program and how long does each session go for?

The program at Bentleigh runs for 11 weeks. The program launch is on November 3rd with an additional six sessions before Christmas and four after. Sessions commence at 5:30pm and wrap up at 7:00pm. We will re-confirm dates and starting times closer to the program start.


What program should I select for my child?

The Master Blasters program is for children aged 7-10 who can bowl with a straight arm over 14m.

The Junior Blasters program is for children new to cricket. Generally, these children are aged 5 to 7.


What if my child has a disability?

Bentleigh Cricket Club run a Junior All Abilities cricket program along side the Junior Blasters program.  Follow this link for more information.


What do I wear to Master Blasters cricket?

Children should wear comfortable clothing suitable for sporting activity. Your child will receive a Blast shirt in their equipment pack.  Additional Cricket Blast merchandise can be purchased through the Blast store.  Remember to be Sun Smart!

Do I need to bring anything else?

Just a full, named drink bottle.


Who delivers the Master Blasters sessions?

The Master Blasters program is a professionally developed cricket program. At Bentleigh, our on-field Coordinator is experienced in program delivery. All parents are encouraged to get involved in Master Blasters in the roles of Team Manager, Scorer, Umpire or Skills Zone assistant and no experience is necessary.


My child has never played cricket before. Will they be able to keep up with the other children?

Master Blast is a very inclusive program that can be picked up by children who may have never played cricket before. if you believe your child has natural coordination then they will be more than capable to participate in Master Blast. If your child is not ready for Master Blast they can start with Junior Blast or if they are ready to advance from Master Blast, we offer an excellent Junior program.


Why are the Master Blaster rules and equipment modified?

Master Blast is a modified cricket program designed to be a bridging program from Junior Blast. Master Blast bridges the gap between Junior Blasters and weekend competitive junior cricket. It engages those children that might not be ready for club cricket. Children can continue to learn to play cricket in a fun and safe environment without the pressure of playing to win.


Can my child play Master Blasters and Rookies cricket?

Yes, as long as we consider it safe. We will consider both their age and current skill level. Be aware that Rookies cricket is played on the weekend. Rookies teams play 20/20 matches and the equipment and clothing apparel is different to Master Blasters. To play a combination of Master Blasters and Rookies you will have to register for both Master Blasters and Junior cricket (Rookies) separately.


My friends and I want to play as a team. Can we all stay together?

If you have a group/team of 8 from the same friendship group/school etc then please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate this. It is important that you let us know as soon as possible as this will save us time in the planning/organising of teams and fixtures. Requests such as this can be included at registration and/or by sending an email to the Blasters Coordinator.


Where do I go for more information on Cricket Blast?

For more information on the Woolworths Cricket Blast program click here.

We want to participate, what do I do next?

​Register your child using the Play Cricket button at the top of this page.  The club will be in contact once we have the program details and participants finalised.


If you'd like more information about Master Blasters at BCC, contact the Blasters Coordinator.

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